Transitions is a career development program designed to prepare unemployed and underserved members of the community for entry or re-entry into the workforce. The program provides training and educational opportunities that can translate into employment and economic success.

New Beginnings is a support group created to counsel, motivate, and empower separated, divorced, or widowed women who are going through relationship crisis, suffering low self-esteem, and generally seeking renewed independence as a single person.

Today’s technology provides children and older youth with easy access to information that boosts their creativity. The use of both hardware and software helps young people enhance their academic learning, develop social skills, and introduces them to preliminary and advanced levels of the arts and sciences. TmT intends to offer supplemental instruction in academic and technical areas via an after-school support program for underachieving students.

The loss of a child is a parent’s worse nightmare. Everyone’s method and timetable for dealing with grief is unique and subjective. Emotional instability and the loss of concentration, focus and purpose are just a few of the challenges grief can cause. Nevertheless, having an empathetic and sympathetic ear can make a world of difference. F.O.C.A is created to be a Christian support group offering grief counseling, comfort, assistance, and spiritual guidance to parents, siblings, and other family members during the bereavement process.

Targeting men and women who are either Elder Orphans or Solo Seniors. SLF Senior Care is an interactive program designed to address the growing need for emotional and spiritual support, domestic assistance, and companionship to active seniors who are without family, companions, or an available network to fill these voids. We will also offer pre-need assistance with estate planning and end-stage legal documents.