Nicole at 3 months old

A Poem for My Daughter

By Portia Scott in tribute to her beloved daughter

The bond between my child and me is a gift you can’t compare
It’s an unexplainable connection only a mother and daughter can share
From the first moment she arrived on earth that foggy October day
A special joy and fulfillment just took my breath away

My baby, my daughter, my friend, I love you as no other
You made my life complete just to live it as your mother
But where did all the time go – the years just seemed to fly
You grew up so quickly with beauty, charm and grace right before my eyes

I gave your hand in marriage to a very wonderful man
Now you have daughters of your own, all part of God’s divine plan
I never knew the time would come when I would mourn and cry
The tears of a broken hearted mother whose daughter had to die

Though your children won’t have your hand to guide them until they are grown
Don’t you fret or worry my darling;
I will nurture and protect them as if they were my own

So take your rest in death my child, relax on Jesus’ breast
Soon one day I’ll meet you there after these worldly tests
Until that grand reunion I will miss you, my daughter and my friend
But my eternal love for you will never know an end

With Everlasting Love,
June 23, 2007


Mom & Nicole at 7 years old


Nicole's High School Graduation 89'
with her Grandmother & Mother


Al & Nicole on their Wedding day


Al & Nicole


Nicole & her two daughters


Nicole & her family

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